Event Update – Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner to address the 27 June Breaking Point event

The Lord Mayor will join us at this SOLD OUT event to address Brisbane’s future planning challenges.

Live Music Industry Policy Update 11 May 2019

The Committee recently facilitated a round table discussion between the Attorney- General, the Hon. Yvette D’Ath MP and music industry stakeholders to look at policies affecting the viability of the sector. This robust and positive session will feed into the government’s response to the QUANTEM Report (Qld alcohol-related violence and night time economy).

The Committee proposes five policy considerations for the protection and nurturing of greater Brisbane’s live music industry:

1. Legislative relief for venues:
–  putting on a significant number of live music events in Safe Night Precincts
– putting on live music events Sunday through to Thursday in Safe Night Precincts
2. An improved Grants framework to encourage venues to host live music events in Fortitude Valley and in suburbia. Including All Ages events.
3. The appointment of a “Night” Mayor to be the champion of Brisbane’s after dark economy and precincts – including, but not limited to: safety, major event curation, economic development, transit.
4. Improved frequent public transport services in and away from Brisbane’s safe night precincts at peak times
5. Increased live music industry representation within the Arts Advisory community in Brisbane and Queensland

June Event: Breaking Point – Future of Australian Cities with Peter Seamer AM

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The way we plan and build cities in Australia needs to change.

Australia’s population is growing: it is projected to increase by 11.8 million between 2017 and 2046 – the equivalent of adding a city the size of Canberra every year for the next thirty years. Most of this growth will occur in the major cities, and already its effects are being felt: inner-city property prices are skyrocketing, and the more affordable middle and outer suburbs lack essential services and infrastructure. The result is inequality: while wealthy inner-city dwellers enjoy access to government-subsidised amenities – public transport, cultural and sporting facilities – new home buyers, pushed further out, pay the lion’s share of costs.

How can we create affordable housing for everyone and still get them to work in the morning? What does sustainable urban development look like?

In this timely critique of our nation’s urban development and planning culture, Peter Seamer argues that vested interests often distort rational thinking about our cities. Looking to the future, he sets out cogent new strategies to resolve congestion, transport and expenditure problems, offering a blueprint for multi-centred Australian cities that are more localised, urban and equitable.

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Supported By The Suburban Alliance.

Advisory Board appointed 1 March 2019

The Management Committee welcomes the new Advisory Board members to the Committee for Brisbane. The Advisory Board will work under the guidance of the Management Committee to advance policy priorities for greater Brisbane and provide guidance on the Committee’s strategic long term planning and resourcing. We are excited to be working with a leadership group who collectively offer significant and diverse expertise. Go to the Advisory Board page in about us to see the members.

City Deals Masterclass – Event Summary

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City Deals Masterclass Summary 20th February 2019

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River to the Bay – Event summary

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River to the Bay Summary Nov 18

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Committee for Brisbane 2018 Year in Review

Read the 2018 Year in Review document here.

Brisbane City Centre Vitality Report 2018 Launched.

On Friday 19 October the City Centre Vitality Report was launched. Looking at the health of inner Brisbane across six sectors.

Read the full Report here:

Brisbane City Centre Vitality Report 2018

and see the Vitality dashboard here:

A4 CBD Dashboard_Final

Report prepared by Urban Economics.

Read the launch Panel event summary with Chris McCluskey, Christine O’Hara, Matt Beasley and Geoff Hogg  here.

Brisbane CBD Vitality Event Summary Oct18

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